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Mantifang social-media about Korea – Japan – China.

The Mantifang publishes Social Media channels and this website to promote the culture of East Asia, namely Korea, China and Japan. Our editor in Chief Hugo J. Smal is responsible for all content. For questions or remarks, you can use the contact form below.


Mantifang social-media about Korea – Japan – China. Here you can exchange ideas or just have a talk about Korea, Japan and China. Meeting followers of The Mantifang. Get tips when you travel and much more. Most importantly: have fun!

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The general culture of East Asia

FB-page   Mantifang high culture         on the site

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FB-page  Mantifang art                             on the site

FB-page  Mantifang gardening              on the site

FB-page  Spiritual East Asia

FB-page  Viewing stones 


FB-page   Korea-han-ma-eul-마을        on the site

FB-page   Korean gardening                  on the site

FB-page  Korean ceramics                     on the site

FB-page Korean Kitchen 한국 주방       on the site


FB-page   Japan-Nippon-mura-日本    on the site
FB-page   Japanese gardening              on the site


FB-page   China-cun-村                            on the site

FB-page   China gardening                     on the site

Water Gardening

FB-page    The Watergarden                  on the site

FB-page   Fancy Goldfish                         on the site

FB-page   Miroshaki                                  on the site
FB-page   R.I.P. Takashi Amano San  on the site

FB-page  Goyang Koifarm Korea         on the site


FB-page  Mickey Paulssen art               on the site

FB-page  Vincent van Gogh                    on the site

We are happy to provide you with the Mantifang social-media about Korea – Japan – China. If you have any questions or remarks, just use this form.