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Your marketing hubYour Korean marketing hub!

These days Hallyu is hot. The Korean wave conquers the world. The squid game is the absolute proof of that. The Mantifang is thé marketing hub for people who love  Korea. Why? Well, this site has more than 100 thousand followers worldwide. They follow the website or one of the Social Media channels. We ad stories about Japan and China, to give context. 

The fanbase shares an interest in the cultures and their expressions. They all practice one of the hobbies that have their roots in East Asia. The fanbase is obtained organically and worldwide. Cross-fertilization between the Social Media pages yields an accelerated interest between the various expressions and hobbies. This creates ample economic opportunities!

Koi in Korean are Ing-eo. And yes they breed them there. Bonsai is bunjae. Korea is the biggest exporter worldwide. Two examples of how the cultures are related. But our main topic is Korea.

The Possibilities:

We like to tell stories. The time that a simple advertisement did the work is gone. Our followers want to know more about the products they buy. They use them for their hobby or their daily needs. That makes the product very important. They better be good. A simple advertisement won’t prove that. Storytelling does!

This is how Mantifang storytelling works:

The Goyang Koi farm brings a good splash of water to the Korean wave: Hallyu. On top of K-pop, K-music we introduce K-Carp. We grow Korean Fancy carp on our farm. In Japan, these beauties are called Nishikigoi or Koi for short. We call them Ing-eo (잉어). In Korea, carp symbolizes strength and perseverance. They are dragons that stand for long life. Korean Koi, K-carp floats on Hallyu.  Goyang Koifarm: the Korean Koi Wave! Goyang Koi farm

Not only does The Mantifang tell the stories. We also build the pages on the Mantifang. Yes, we are WordPress specialists. We take care of the S.E.O. on a daily basis and share everything on our Social Media channels. Each of them forms one of the editorial pillars. They are like permanent sections of a magazine. Their followers are interested in the stories we tell.  mantifang Social Media

The Mantifang provides you with a sublime story and shares this on Social Media. So if you have a product our followers need and you want the world to know, The Mantifang tells the story. 

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