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Opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Since 2011, I – Hugo J. Smal – is working on the Social Media plan: “The Mantifang”. This plan for fans of the cultures of Korea, Japan and China, and related hobbies. This makes your site for East Asian marketing Korea Japan China. Building a fan base on social media takes much time. Years! Now we reach out to more than 100 thousand fans and can build up your fanbase much quicker. Not only in Korea, China and Japan but worldwide.

The fanbase shares the interest in the cultures and their expressions. They all practice one of the hobbies that have their roots in East Asia. The fanbase is obtained organically and worldwide. Cross-fertilization between the Social Media pages yields an accelerated interest between the various expressions and hobbies. This creates ample economic opportunities!

For you too!
This cross-fertilization reinforce by the creation of the Facebook pages Mantifang living, – high culture, – gardening, food and -art. Here all messages come together!

A complete overview of the Social Media channels: Find this out

The playing field: The whole world for people who are just like you, interested in the closely connected cultures of Korea, Japan, and China. The Mantifang always keeps the Global-thinking idea as a guideline.
The Possibilities:

Placing advertisements and advertorials on the website. They will be shared at the Social Media channels. A distinction is between companies that operate worldwide or want to do this. Their message has the most impact with a page.
Alternatively, companies that work more regionally. They benefit most from a commercial in a blog post. Consider, however, that an English translation of a blog post about, for example, a koi dealer established in the Netherlands or Belgium also builds a reputation in Japan. In this way, the koi dealer also becomes an authority there.

A good example of this is Kim Young Soo C.E.O. Goyang Koifarm
and The Baedagol theme park. We are very happy that Kim Young Soo is our representative in Korea.
한국어로 의사 소통을 원하시면 김영수에게 연락 주시기 바랍니다.+82 1053927339

The various Social Media channels each form one of the editorial pillars like permanent sections of a magazine. The landing place is the Mantifang site or of course your website.
You find the Social media channels here: mantifang Social Media

The Mantifang: your site for East Asian marketing Korea Japan China

Our site is a website with a Blog. It gives direct access to the blog and thus to the stories of various writers about various topics linked to the target groups. The pages are more static and can be found in the sidebar, the multiple issues described on these pages.
The website is our landing page.
The website is our landing page for all social media channels. The site generates long reads and thereby provides the social media of content. This content good be about your shop or the products you sell. 

The Mantifang provides with you a sublime story and shares on the Social Media. So if you have an East Asian product and you want the world to know, The Mantifang can tell the story. 

We hope that after reading this article, we have inspired you to join the Mantifang social media plan. We are still building on the website, so if you have any comments, please let us know. You can leave your comment below. We appreciate that!
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