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The Mantifang people
From left to right: Mickey Paulssen – Hugo J. Smal – Kim Young Soo

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Korean address:
Beadagol theme park
131 Baedagol-Gil – postcode 10485
Deogyang-Gu – South Korea

C.E.O. and Chief Editor

Hugo J. Smal
telephone Korea: + 82 1038557339

+31 6 30700781
ID: HSmal

만약 Hugo J. Smal 에게 질문이 있다면, 그의 연락처 페이지를 이용해주세요.

Art Director

Mickey Paulssen 

+31 83249673


Marketing P.R. Korean branch
마케팅 P.R. 한국 지사

Kim Young Soo  

+82 1053927339


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