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Dragon protector of the Buddha and the Dharma.At last: the Korean dragon is flying all over the world! For many centuries the hermit Kingdom Now a cultural and economic hotspot. 
For those who want deeper knowledge, we publish long reeds about this beautiful country.

For professionals with an interest in Korea. This website provides great opportunities for marketing your products worldwide. More information you find on our page for professionals

Cover: A Koi life.Boost your Koi dedication.

Our writer Hugo J. Smal published his book: A Koi life. It is about: the beautiful Koi, lovely Korea and his life dedicated to that. Much information about the Koi. Reading it gives your Koi dedication a boost.  You also get an introduction to Korea and the Koi they breed there: K-Koi. All this for just € 3,95.  Buy now!


Your Korean Favorites!

Korean Shamanism 
Koi varieties an introduction

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China & Japan

The cultures of Korea, Japan and China are closely linked yet different. That is why we also publish relevant stories about China and Japan.

Difference East Asian Gardening.

And the Head Dragon is: Hallyu

Hallyu the Korean wave