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All About Korea; Dragon protector of the Buddha and the Dharma.At last: the Korean dragon is flying all over the world! For many centuries Hanguk (Korea) was the hermit kingdom. Now it is a cultural and economic hotspot. 

For those who want to know more about Korea and fall in love with it. The Mantifang likes to be the Korean hub. We publish long reeds: all about Korea. You find many of them on our Mantifang blog

During the Corona pandemic, it is difficult to travel to the Dae Han Minguk. You have to quarantine for 14 days when you enter the country. And that is too long for a tourist. That is why we hope you find some releave on this site for your wish to see the beautiful country. When you have a story to tell about Korea? Let us know. contact

Your Korean Favorites!

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Korean food: not trying is not living!

All about Korean food
Korean bulgogi is hot.

‘The table looked a bit like Korea just after the war. An area of disaster. It is always overcrowded during dinner. The integrated barbecue, the many trays with side dishes, trays with peppers, garlic and salad leaves, the bottles and tins, the trays with rice, the plates, chopsticks and napkins, it is always quite a task for the waitresses to put it all down. We enjoyed it well and it showed. Kim Young Soo signalled that it was done. He walked to the counter to pay. Over there two men had a fight. They clearly enjoyed the Soju. The fight was not about who should pay, but about who is allowed.” Yes, dining in Korea is a big adventure. Put it on your bucket list.

The Head Dragon is: Hallyu

All about Korea wave: Hallyu
Hallyu the Korean wave

Also all about Korea Koi.

All about Korean Koi.Boost your Koi dedication.

Our writer Hugo J. Smal published his book: A Koi life. It is about: the beautiful Koi, lovely Korea and his life dedicated to that. Much information about the Koi. Reading it gives your Koi dedication a boost.  You also get an introduction to Korea and the Koi they breed there: K-Koi. All this for just € 3,95.  Buy now!

Not only all about Korea: China & Japan

The cultures of Korea, Japan and China are closely linked yet different. That is why we also publish relevant stories about China and Japan.

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For professionals with an interest in Korea.

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Korea’s location, size and residents.

Arthdal cronicals
Dangun and the Arthdal Cronicals.

From north to south Korea measures approximately 1000 kilometres and has a surface in excess of 220847 square kilometres. In the north, it borders China and Russia. The other parts of the country are surrounded by sea.

Korea numbers 65 million people, of which 22 million reside in North Korea. North and South Korea are separated by a demilitarized zone which lies around the 38th degree of latitude. 

If you look from an economic perspective you could say a Korean miracle has taken place. Worldwide it is known as the miracle on the Han river. Right after the Korean War (1950-1953), it was the poorest country in the world. Hanguk has managed to climb to the thirteenth spot at the present time. Some considerations are necessary though. There are big industrial companies and the middle and upper classes are doing well. The reality however is that most of the Koreans have a salary of around € 1,000 a month, which is very little considering the current prices of real estate.

The Korean economy is dominated by big companies (Chaebol) and the different layers of governmental interference. This could be an obstruction during the business, but if the government supports an initiative it speeds everything up.

At the mercy of global powers.

Korean drama explained.

Korea had to face great nations since it came existence. Surrounded by Japan, Russia and China as a great tactical peninsula forced the Koreans to defend their country and culture till the end was safeguarded. Just like the Chinese, the Japanese claimed the peninsula of Korea. It is still hotly debated who actually founded the Eastern Asian civilisation. This has caused quite a lot of rivalry between the different parties. The rivalry between Koreans and Japanese is very heavy and the Koreans suspect the Chinese would love to eventually incorporate North Korea into their territory. And if they don’t they are at the very least wanting great benefits from North Koreas natural resources. If you add the interests of both the United States and Russia to the mix, it becomes clear that Korea is a very tense piece of earth.

Koreans history.

Korean history
Silla ceramic warrior

This is just as old and rich as ancient Greek or Chinese societies. The Koreans played a major part in prehistoric East Asia, starting at around 700.000 years ago, till now. In the past, they controlled Manchuria and stopped the advance of Eastern Jin. In modern times they overcame the Japanese domination in which the conservation of Hanguk culture was much loved by the Koreans themselves, and so hard fought by them. It’s a great melting pot of Shamanism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity. The culture was gone, lost and found again.

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