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An inside in her beautiful mind

writer: Mudang Mugungwha Bosal

The Mudang Life  Gods and traditions

I slowly rose from performing my bows in the temple room. Sunbeams shone through the blinds during the summer. The incense smoke gently wafted through the open window. 

Mudang's pantheon of gods and spirits
My aristocrat god sits on top of the box, he is the one in charge of making talismans.

To the average person, the room was tranquil, quiet and peaceful.

But to me, it was loud and boisterous.

My pantheon consists of hundreds of gods and spirits. But the main ones who speak the most to me are:


Heaven Fairy Goddess, 
the Mudang Goddess, 
the Entertainer Goddess, 
the Smallpox Child God,
the Dragon Child Goddess, 

the Five Direction War Gods, 
the Heaven War God, 
the Purifier War God, 
the Snake/Bodhisattva Goddess, 
the Officer War God,
the Archery War Goddess,
the 7 Star God,
the Scribe/Talisman God, 
the 3 Fate Goddess,
the Mountain Goddess,
the Dragon King God Yongwang

Mudang's pantheon of gods and spirits
During the gut ceremony, I am jumping to bring my Mudang Goddess into me.

Each of my gods was saying something, laughing, chatting, having fun and enjoying their feast. It was 초하루 Ch’oharu, the New Moon Festival. During this festival, the new moon is a cause for celebration and gratitude – it means the new lunar month is beginning, and it also means the natural cycle is continuing the way it should, in the big scheme of things.

Heaven-Fairy Goddess paused for a moment and settled everyone down. She looked at me and smiled. “We are so proud of you.”

My shoulders sagged and, the wall of exhaustion crumbled as I cried and prayed. “Did I really make the right decision?”

“To be a mudang,” She affirmed to me. “But not as traditional as you had originally expected or hoped.”

I frowned. “I just wanted to do things the right way.”

A wave of flowing rainbow light, like the aurora, circled the room, connecting me to my gods. “Every mudang thinks they’re doing things the right way. But they are doing things the way that works for their spirits.”

Every mudang’s gods are different from each other. My mountain god isn’t the same as another’s. This also applies to my Heaven fairy Goddess.

Mudang's pantheon of gods and spirits
Heaven War god.

You see, my Heaven Fairy Goddess rules the sun, moon and stars. She is the strongest in my pantheon of gods. She, guides and corrals the others into their place. As a god who rules those areas, she can bring good fortune, protection, retribution and healing. One of her favourite offering foods is 역과, the traditional Korean honey cookie. 

In my personality, she comes through with traits of particularity, calm, confidence. There is a magic to her. She can make so much happen because she is the source of “magic” behind the rituals. 

The best days to greet her are the first days of the lunar and solar calendar. Leave her offerings of sweet delicacies. 

Thank you all for reading. Next article, I will go over and explain my War Gods and their personalities. But I also love to hear from you all, so please reach out to me through my website ( and what you may want me to write about next time!

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One thought on “Mudang’s pantheon of gods and spirits

  1. From Kim Jay Ho (Interpreter Korea) Certainly you been quite busy with getting all these info of Korean Shamanism. No matter what, it has been a part of Korean culture, and clearly rooted in Buddhism and local areas with common people.

    When people can not get an answer from their worldly knowledge, relationship from political power then they lean on to gods such as Buddhism, Christianity.

    Of course shamans were also one of the choices.

    My wife’s brother always look for a shaman as a last step before making a very important business decision.

    That does not mean he is superstisious, but he considers all
    the influencing factors and if there is still no decisive conclusion, as a last resort he would look for a fortune teller.

    l can not say Koreans are very
    superstitious but sometimes
    when they are pressed in corner they are willing to listen.