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What are the differences?

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Brief Introduction

Japanese Korean and Chinese garden architecture is a fascinating topic, worthy of considerable study and explanation. While their similarities are perhaps more obvious, each country does have differences from one another, both minute and extreme. While the architecture of East Asia as a whole is generally assumed to have originated from China and spread from there, Korea and Japan both had their own indigenous styles which they incorporated foreign styles into. That assumption also does not take into account influences from outside of Japanese, Korean and Chinese garden architecture found in all three countries.




Japanese Korean and Chinese garden architecture

For this answer, I will be looking at the common pre-modern architecture of each country. By that, I mean I will be looking at architectural features that existed before the 19th century (before heavy western influence) that were widespread. Unfortunately, however, I will not be able to discuss all the regional variations found in each country partly because of the considerable time that would take, but also because I can’t claim to be familiar with all regional styles in each country. This will come at the detriment of the examinations of architecture found in China the most, as it is the most regionally diverse of the three. But I will do my best.

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