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Van Gogh drawings men; watch and enjoy!

a men with a brooma man with a broom
boy cutting grass with a sickleboy cutting grass with a sickle
Diggerfarmer with hoe
kneeling man, plantingkneeling man, planting
man feeding chickens or sowingman feeding chickens or sowing
Man with WinnowMan with Winnow
men and women miners going to workmen and women miners going to work
men diggingmen digging
men with hand in his pocketmen with hand in his pocket
old man putting dry riceold man putting dry rice
Peasant Peasant
peasant leaning on shovelpeasant leaning on shovel
peasant with walking stickpeasant with walking stick
sower with basketsower with basket
Sowing menSowing men
the prayerthe prayer
weeding peasant 3weeding peasant 3
weeding peasent 2weeding peasent 2
weeding peasentweeding peasent
worried menworried men
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We made a few pages with the pictures:
PeopleSee people here.
So enjoy and make an offer when you want one ore more of these beautiful reproductions.