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Fancy Goldfish

About the fancy Goldfish was written in the first years of the Sung dynasty (960 AD). They were discovered in eastern China from Beijing to Macau. The different variants were created by selective breeding. Through Korea, the goldfish arrived in Japan two centuries later. Whether America followed or Europe is not stuck. That one of the variants was called Oranda, a Japanese corruption for Holland is an indication here. Many variants were cultivated in Japan.

Where the celestial was first produced is not fixed. The sky viewer without dorsal fins can be found on a Chinese scroll from 1772. Yet many point to the Yi dynasty in Korea as breeders of this fish, which is very popular by some. On the page Fancy Goldfish, we report and share about this very special fish hobby.

Knowledge about Fancy Goldfish is highly appreciated!. This also applies to organized trips to breeders or Fancy Goldfish-shows, presentations in your own environment and everything else that concerns Fancy Goldfish-pond maintenance. We tell stories!

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