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Tea too cool down

The world is becoming hotter and hotter. So why don’t you make your own cooling down tea? Share it with your family and friends. Give them some nice time.

My family has a tradition of utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine in everyday life. Here is a simple recipe to Brew Cool Tea in Summer.

Fresh bamboo leaves, 50g, wash clean; Green tea leaves, 30g; Red jujube 4 or 5, tear open

Put all three in a jar, add water 1000 ml. Cover and cook over high heat until boiling. Turn to very low heat to keep boiling for 20 minutes. Let cool, filter away these items, your cool tea is ready.

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Cooling down tea helps.

From Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, bamboo leaves have the property of cold, tea leaves are good for water transportation, while red jujube is good for Chi, which keeps our blood moving back and forth, also can reduce some bitterness of bamboo leaves.

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