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Takashi Amano san; our master!

Takashi Amano San

Takashi Amano is the founder of the “Japanese aqua-scape”. After his career as a cyclist, he started painting, nature photography and arranging aquariums. At first, he only had an eye for the fish, but slowly he started to apply the Zen technique.

Ancient philosophy.

Zen came from China, via Korea to Japan in the Kamakura period from 1192 – 1333. The influence of this was immeasurable. Beautiful Zen gardens arose. The aquarium landscape artist tries to summarize this vastness of Zen nature in his aquariums. These are built up with only a few types of plants that find their harmony with stones and wood. In this way, Amano developed a unique style. This struck with many Japanese. In 1980 Aqua Design Amano or ADA begone. Because of his distinctive style, they wrote books about him. These were translated into English and thus the art of Amano reached Europe.

On August 4th of August 2015, Mickey Paulssen wrote on her Miroshaki forum:

“With great pain and sadness I learned that the Master of Aquascaping” Takashi Amano san “died at 61 years of age. He passed away on 4 August in his hometown Niigata. I am proud to have known and met him and to make my scapes in mind with him. He remains for me the “the master of Aquascaping” and our forum will always be an ode to Takashi Amano San. I wish his family a lot of strength.” Mickey Paulssen.

She started the Rest in Peace Takashi Amano page which was soon liked by the family. It is a small monument on Facebook.

Do you have a good story about the aquarium designer giant? Did you meet him, work with him or just like his work? We are happy to publish it. With liking the FB page: Rest in Peace Takashi Amano San. Let the aquascaping world know you miss his art and are great full of his inspiration. Already 3000 + Amano fans preceded you.

R.I.P. Takashi Amano San