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Welcome! Goyang Koifarm: the Korean Koi Wave! The Goyang Koi farm brings a good splash of water to the Korean wave: Hallyu. On top of K-pop, K-music we introduce K-Carp. We grow Korean Fancy carps on our farm. In Japan, these beauties are called Nishikigoi or Koi for short. We call them Ing-eo (잉어). In … Continue reading Home Goyang Koifarm

Mantifang glossary

Mantifang glossary: find your East Asian hobby words Find words in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English. For other languages, you just use the Google page translator. Use it on your desk top or mobile. A B C D E F  G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y Z The culture of Japan, Korea and China is … Continue reading Mantifang glossary

Mickey Paulssen scaping

[:en]Next, to be a traditional artist Mickey Paulssen is using zen and the lessons of Takashi Amano San to make here scapes. For her traditional art Page She started with the design of aquariums. Someone told her that she did this in a Japanese way, and so she came on the aquascape and discovered the … Continue reading Mickey Paulssen scaping