Sustainable Koi pond.

written by Hugo J. Smal A sustainable Koi pond makes sense. Energy is expensive and will get more costly. The environment is in trouble. We must improve that very quickly. Otherwise, we're all going to die. I must admit that the Koi hobby does not play a positive role. The fish all make a considerable … Continue reading Sustainable Koi pond.

Odors give way to fragrance in 19th century

By Robert Neff previously published: The Korea Times featured picture: Mrs Emberley and her garden in Seoul, circa 1900. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the descriptions of Seoul were filled with complaints of streets packed with oxen, ponies and people all trying to avoid falling into the open sewers or stepping in … Continue reading Odors give way to fragrance in 19th century

Koi varieties, an introduction

Go Sanke, most important written by Hugo J. Smal During the Japanese Edo period (1603 - 1867), the successive Shoguns (rulers of military castes) always came from three closely related families: Mito, Kishu and Owan. They are known as Tokugawa Go-Sanke, which are considered the most important genera of the period. As a tribute to … Continue reading Koi varieties, an introduction

Goyang Koi farm

Welcome to Home Goyang Koi farm. We start the Korean Koi Wave! Hallyu. The Goyang Koi farm brings a good splash of water to the Korean wave: Hallyu. On top of K-pop, K-music we introduce K-Carp. We grow Korean Fancy carp on our farm. In Japan, these beauties are called Nishikigoi or Koi for short. … Continue reading Goyang Koi farm

From Koi farm to theme park

And now Koi breeding again! written by Hugo J. Smal The International Air Transport Association (IATA) named Incheon airport the best airport in the world. ¥ou notice that when you walk towards the exit. It is modern, efficient and above all, very beautiful. The marble floors shine. The Yi dynasty tribal statues of Confucian scholars … Continue reading From Koi farm to theme park