Become friends with koi

Become friends with koi. written by Hugo J. Smal How do you become best friends with your koi? That is the ideal of every koi hobbyist: to build a close relationship with your ornamental carp, a relationship that provides mutual pleasure. Many koi keepers are happy and proud to say that their fish are 'tame'. … Continue reading Become friends with koi

Korean Pottery – Ancient History Encyclopedia

Korean Ceramic history The pottery of ancient Korea stretches back to prehistory when simple brown wares were made and decorated with geometrical incisions. Potters would benefit from the ideas and techniques of their Chinese counterparts and go on to produce their own highly sought-after works, including grey stoneware, celadons or greenware, buncheong ware, and white porcelain. Ceramics are … Continue reading Korean Pottery – Ancient History Encyclopedia

The Mudang Life

[:en]And where does it begin? For all mudang, it starts with suffering. ... One does not CHOOSE to become a mudang. One is chosen by the gods. You are destined or you are not. And many will take advantage of you, saying you are meant to become one, when you are not.[:nl]En waar begint het? Voor iedere Mudang begint het met lijden. …Je kiest er niet voor om een Mudang te worden. Je wordt gekozen door de goden. Je bent voorbestemd of je bent het niet. Velen zullen proberen aan je te verdienen, zeggend dat je voorbestemd bent om een Mudang te worden, terwijl je dat niet bent.[:]