Goyang Koifarm Kohaku

Goyang Koi Kohaku A beautiful Kohaku is a snow-white fish with Hi (red) patterns. You find these beauties in the Goyang Koi farm Kohaku ponds. The improved Kohaku dates to 1888, when a man named Kunizo Hiroi (Ojiya-city, Japan) bred a red-headed female koi with one of his own males, whose markings resembled cherry blossoms, … Continue reading Goyang Koifarm Kohaku

Aquarium Aquaponic Wall: 20 Steps (with Pictures)

.I built an aquaponic wall above my ten gallon fish tank. Aquaponics use shared water between fish and terrestrial plants. This allows the plants to remove fish poop from the water and be fertilized by it. In any fish tank the ammonia in fish waste converts into nitrite and then nitrate by bacteria. This nitrate … Continue reading Aquarium Aquaponic Wall: 20 Steps (with Pictures)

Social Media

Mantifang about Korea - Japan - China. The Mantifang publishes Social Media channels and this website to promote the culture of East Asia, namely Korea, China and Japan. Our editor in Chief Hugo J. Smal is responsible for all content. For questions or remarks, you can use the contact form below. On our channels, you … Continue reading Social Media

Fancy Goldfish

AlsoFancy Goldfish They wrote about the Fancy Goldfish in the first years of the Sung dynasty (960 AD). The fishes were discovered in eastern China from Beijing to Macau. Selected breeding resulted in the different variants of the fancy beauties. Two centuries later the wonderful animals arrived in Japan through Korea. Whether America followed or … Continue reading Fancy Goldfish

The Watergarden

Water is indispensable in the garden. Whether it is a koi pond or one with goldfish, a natural biotope is also possible, it always makes the garden more lively. Of course, flowers and plants are beautiful, but water gives that extra piece of nature. On the Facebook page The Watergarden we not only look at … Continue reading The Watergarden