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Mantifang glossary: find your East Asian hobby words Find words in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English. For other languages, you just use the Google page translator. Use it on your desk top or mobile. A B C D E F  G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y Z The culture of Japan, Korea and China is … Continue reading Mantifang glossary

제주위클리 모바일 사이트, Spirited away

[:en]On an island known for its natural beauty, Spirited Garden is a showcase of what man and nature can do together.  The Spirited Garden in Hallim is the life’s work of one man, Sung Bum Young. Bonsai trees (known as bunjae in Korea) are miniature trees that have been trained to become an ideal. Almost like a work of art they are slowly pushed and prodded over a long period of time to become miniature masterpieces. [:]

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Mantifang social-media about Korea - Japan - China. The Mantifang publishes Social Media channels and this website to promote the culture of East Asia, namely Korea, China and Japan. Our editor in Chief Hugo J. Smal is responsible for all content. For questions or remarks, you can use the contact form below. General  FB-profile   Hugo … Continue reading Social Media

Japan Nippon Mura 日本

Japanese life. How many people visit a Japanese restaurant to enjoy Sushi with a cup of hot Sake? In many garden ponds Japanese ornamental carps, Koi, swim around. How many enthusiasts are responsible for a Bonsai? The answer is very simple: very much! We love Japanese culture but we do not know much yet. Did … Continue reading Japan Nippon Mura 日本