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Robin, oil on canvas painted by Mickey Paulssen

Robin, oil on canvas


When Mickey Paulssen took the photo, she thought of Rembrandt: the colours, the Clair obscure. For example, how would he have dealt with the light of a cell phone? After all, it is so totally different than the glow of a candle or oil lamp.
Making the painting “Robin” in itself was, therefore, quite a challenge. Rembrandt was always thinking about this. Like a master who watched. She mixed the colours looking at his palette. She solved the difficulties she encountered with him in mind.
She is happy with the result. It turned out exactly as she had expected. The resulting artwork is also a challenge in itself. It forces her to raise the bar and to make even more beautiful works of art. Rembrandt will always be in her mind here too. How she would have liked that man as a master!
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