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Take your post serious!
Take your post serious!

Mantifang: East Asia social media magazine!

Reader binding for Social Media. Storytelling of East Asia!

In a traditional magazine, “readers binding” was the holy grail. The editorial content had to be such that the subscriber at his mailbox was waiting for the new number. The advertisers had a benefit because they belonged to the same club. Everything that was printed in the magazine was indeed plausible. The editors took care of that!

As a publisher, Hugo J. Smal always had the following starting point: “How do I get more revenue from my reader?” Reader binding was both a focal point and a scoring opportunity.

The Mantifang uses reader binding with its “common media strategy”. Mickey Paulssen, Hugo J. Smal and Shikibu Tsuku score well with their content on Social Media. Our target group (people who love the culture of East Asia) appreciates it. The hobbies that came from Korea, China and Japan are popular after all. Consider, for example, Bonsai, Koi, aquascapen – Japanese underwater art – but also the different cooking habits, the art and so on. So there are ample opportunities for commerce.

Be sure about just that.
Be sure of that!

Storytelling: A good story for the target group brings you commerce.

As an example of how it works within our niche the scape “the Mantifang”. Mickey Paulssen built the artwork. Hugo J. Smal supplemented this scape with a poem from “Journey West” by Wu Cheng’en and a Facebook page was created with more than 2200 followers. These are all free subscribers or better: it is our and your audience. Total of our Social media channels 70.000.
When this page is regularly provided with good content, the opportunity arises, for example, to sell trips to Japan, China or Korea. Books or other information about koi, art or Bonsai. Scapes and all kinds of other cultural expressions are also wanted. But all the supplies for different hobbies will also be deducted. From Bonsai scissors to pond filter, it is the stuff that is needed for a pleasant hobby.
These commercial opportunities can be shared with the other social media channels that all about East Asia hobbies or culture. How quickly a product can be deposited is shown with the page “Rest in Peace Takashi Amano”.

A good post brings commers.
A good post brings clients.

“Rest in peace Takashi Amano San”, an in memoriam.

After Mickey Paulssen learned that Takashi Amano had died, she created a scape under the name “Rest in Peace Takashi Amano”. A page was created with the same name. By cleverly browsing and sharing in the Mantifang magazine the page passed the 2700 likes in no time and now has about 5500. Mind you, no money was spent on promotion; everything is therefore obtained organically. That is not only good; that is amazing! In getting the likes, reader binding played a major role. Mickey Paulssen appeared to have set up the forum, recognized as a scape artist and thereby the designated person to make integer facebook in memoriam. She turned out to be the right storyteller and that was appreciated. The likes came from all over the world and Mickey Paulssen found it a great honour that even ADA / (the Japanese company) and the Amano family appreciated the page.

Mantifang: always in full bloom
Mantifang: always in full bloom!

The Mantifang magazine: Joint media strategy.
The thoughtful composition of the website, facebook profiles and pages and other social media channels of The Mantifang – our internet “magazine” – ensures that we keep the enthusiast of the various beautiful expressions of East Asian culture up to date.
It is our belief that the editorial side of “De Mantifang” is well filled out and that we are therefore dominant within the relevant niches. Now it’s your turn. Make use of this! We tell your story and place it in our Social Media magazine; “The Mantifang”. For a full overview of our channels: Page


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Questions: see the contact page! 

The Mantifang is a joint media strategy because it only succeeds when the content is supported by commerce. We deliver the stories that you can benefit from. The reader will once be inspired, need your product.

Banners: they can work but are not the best option within social media. Flat advertising is just support.
The better option: let The Mantifang be your ambassador! Together we tell you the story about your company or product. We publish it and take care of further communication.
If you want your story in the Mantifang magazine please contact us. We make an inventory of your wishes and draw up a strategy. Then we go to work. If you do not yet use social media or not have the time? We set it up for you and with our more than 35 thousand followers this will certainly be successful.

(Hugo J. Smal Hugo J. Smal initiator of The Mantifang, successfully applied the concept of storytelling for about 25 years.) He had a large share in starting of the Nishikigoi association in the Netherlands, de Holland koi show, the Korean theme park Baedagol and his own magazine. “De Watertuin”, he also contributed to the marketing of products from Velda , Oase living water, Ubbink, and Penac’s products, marketed by Perfect Pond, allowed him to become their ambassador. A large number of users were welcomed.)


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