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Opportunities for professionals.

Since 2011, I – Hugo J. Smal – manage the Social Media plan: “The Mantifang”. This plan is intended for fans of the culture of Korea, Japan and China, and related hobbies. Building a fan base on social media takes much time. Years! Now that there are at least 40 thousand I explain the plan here.

East Asia
East Asia Wikipedia gives the following description of East Asia: “East Asia is a part of the Asian continent that is viewed from both a geographical and a cultural point of view. Geographically, this region covers 6,640,000 km² or 5% of the Asian continent. Culturally, it encompasses the societies that are in the Chinese sphere of influence, so that it can be seen that they are influenced by classical Chinese language, Confucianism, neo-Confucianism, Mahayana, Daoism. This combination of literature, political philosophy and religion overlap with the official geographical part of East Asia.

So the Social Media channels together have a reach of more than 90 thousand interested people. In collaboration with others, this number more than doubled. The fanbase shares the interest in the cultures and their expressions.
They all practice one of the hobbies that have come from East Asia. The fanbase is obtained organically and is worldwide. Cross-fertilization between the Social Media pages yields an accelerated interest between the various expressions and hobbies. This creates ample economic opportunities!
For you too! This cross-fertilization reinforce by the creation of the Facebook pages Mantifang living, – high culture, – gardening and -art. Here all messages come together!

Mantifang: Layout social media page's
Mantifang: Layout social media page’s
A complete overview of the Social Media channels:
The playing field: The whole world for people who are just like you, interested in the closely connected cultures of Korea, Japan, and China. The Mantifang always keeps the Global-thinking idea as a guideline.
The Possibilities::

Placing advertisements and advertorials on the website and via the Social Media channels. A distinction is between companies that operate worldwide or want to do this. Their message has the most impact on the pages of the website — alternatively, companies that work more regionally. They benefit most from a commercial in a blog post. Consider, however, that an English translation of a blog post about, for example, a koi dealer established in the Netherlands or Belgium also holds a reputation in Japan. In this way, the koi dealer also becomes an authority there.
How it works you read in my post-Mantifang  Storytelling.

We start with:

Huang Di
Huang Di, The word Mantifang, came across Hugo J. Smal in the book Journey West attributed to Wu Cheng-en. This book is one of the four classic novels from classical Chinese literature published for the first time in the 90s of the 6th century. The book is fully translated from Chinese by Arthur Waley. The Roman tells about the pilgrimage that the Buddhist monk Xuánzàng, during the Tang Dynasty, would have made to India. His quest: getting hold of the sutras. He receives this task from the Gautama Buddha who also gives him three helpers. Wùkong (aka the monkey king), one of them, walks through a forest and hears a song: The woodcutter sings: “The people I meet are Taoist and Immortals, sitting quietly and expounding the Yellow Court.” The Monkey King replied: “I heard you say, The people I meet are Taoist and Immortals, sitting quietly and expounding the Mantifang. The Mantifang contains the truth about the Way “…… Woodcutter:” It’s quite true that the song is called “The fragrance of the Mantifang” Here the words “mantifang” and “Yellow Court” are put down as names of the same entity. The place where the mythical Yellow Emperor questioned his advisers about state affairs. There he came together with his Buddhist, Shamanistic and Taoist advisors.
The Mantifang digitale magazine will appear in two editions (Dutch and English). Besides, I am developing the possibility to have the magazine translated from English into the language of each country where The Mantifang is present. In this way, local businesses can also get their commercial message out there.
De koi and more dictionary app: In the app. are or are included words that form the nomenclature of culture carriers and the more specialized hobbies. During events, for example, the app can serve as a backup and reference during the conversations that take place there. Besides, it must be possible to have the user of the app upload photos that relate to specific words within a hobby — your Kohaku or Bonsai among those of many others. Show, enjoy and compare! As a company, of course, you want to stand there!
De Mantifang shop: Cultural items from Korea, Japan, and China gone a be offered in the shop. Producers only get access to the shop when the sale of the things supported with a knowledge-deepening blog.
Editorial support
The various Social Media channels each form one of the editorial pillars that I see as permanent sections of a magazine. The landing place is the Mantifang site or of course yours.
You find the Social media channels here: mantifang Social Media
A blog is always a website, but a site is not always a blog!
Mantifang: always in full bloom
Mantifang: always in full bloom
For my site,, a website with a blog is the choice. It gives direct access to the blog and thus to the stories of various writers about various topics linked to the target groups. The pages are more static and can be found in the sidebar, the multiple issues described on these pages. Also, regular bloggers get their page there.
The website is my landing page. Where in the plan is yours?
The website is our landing page for all social media channels. The site generates long reads and thereby provides the social media of content. The other way around will occur less often. This is due to the character of the different media itself. Where in a blog more in-depth content is placed, that content on social media will be the subject of the conversation. There will be much more interaction there.
A powerful extra motivation to participate you read on participate!
I hope that after reading this article, you have become inspired to join the Mantifang social media plan. I am still building on the website, so if you have any comments, please let me know. You can leave your comment below. I appreciate that! If you want to contact me, let me know. I shall replay.



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