We do the storytelling. Will you participate? Mantifang, public relations, and marketing. It is a challenging and very interesting task that we have taken on us! The promotion of East Asia. The cultures of Korea, Japan, and China are connected and yet diverse. We know a lot about Japan but maybe not the finer points. China has done much to erase its history since the cultural revolution. Fortunately, this is changing slowly. The Koreans only now find the time and the finances to discover all that beauty of their culture and make it known.

It is up to us to tell you about East Asia and we ask you for your help.

Readers: enjoy, like it and share the message that inspired you, surprised or made you wiser.

Specialists, writers, artists, story-tellers and page administrators. We would like to place your story in the blog. We make it public via our social media. We gladly include specialist pages in the Mantifang East Asia plan. If you miss a page-worthy topic, please let us know. We make one with you or if necessary look for specialists.

Traders, specialists, and builders! Do you have the product that is interesting for our followers? We do story-telling and we gladly help you to put the product on the market. We create opportunities for you! Are you organizing events that our followers think: “I have to go there”? We would like to let them know.

We think the task we have taken on is beautiful and important. Do you agree with us? Send us your story. Point us on that page. And what is very important: give us that budget with which you want to put your product on the market. We, in turn, will bring the East Asian culture closer to the rest of the world through all these wonderful stories.

Do you want to get involved? We read your e-mail and you can expect an answer quickly.

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