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On the Goyang Koi farm, breeding has started.

Kim Young Soo was very enthusiastic. New Nishikigoi from Japan means a lot of work. But it means also a lot of joy. First, the quarantine ponds had to be prepared. In this case four. Two for the fish and two as a buffer for the water changes. The water must be treated so that a healthy environment is guaranteed. In the meantime, there is a lot of telephone talks with Japan.

Ikarashi Kikusui
Female 63 cm.
Miyatora Doitsu Showa
Female 61 cm
Miyatora Doitsu Sanke
Female 67 cm






Selecting Koi in Japan.

Our man in Japan is Yoshinori Kosugi San from Kosugi Kohsan inc. We were going in February on a Koi hunt with him in Niigata. Corona wouldn’t allow that. So he went alone to the “Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm” and Miyatora. Assignment: good quality Doitsu men and women. The fish were selected using photos and videos. It was then up to the “Niigata Prefecture Inland Water Fisheries Experiment Station” to issue certificates for health. They took tests for Spring Viraemia and Herpes virus. It was good. Finally, the fish arrived at the Goyang Koi farm in the middle of the night. The Korean authorities also carry out the same tests to ensure health.

Miyatora Doistu Sanke
Female 73 cm
Ikarashi Benikikokuryo
Female 71cm
Ikarashi Benikikokuryo
Female 71 cm.

Breeding has started.

Then you think that the fish want to swim around in their pond for a while. Forget it. “You test our health? Then we’ll show you how potent we are. ” On Monday, April 27, in the early morning, Kim Young Soo discovered that the females were laying eggs. It makes sense. When females are placed in a different water environment, they often deposit eggs. Volunteers from Koi shows worldwide know this. For that reason, a lot of contest vats are cleaned.

On the Goyang Koifarm, it means only one thing: the breeding season has started!

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