Kim Young Soo’s vision

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Nishikigoi breeding and exporting from Korea

Kim Young Soo
Kim Young Soo (drawing by Mickey Paulssen)

In the year 2000, I started growing Nishikigoi. I saw the cultivation of these beautiful ornamental carps as a good alternative to the more traditional, Korean agricultural products.
The global financial crises and the opening of the Korean market for FTA agricultural products force our farmers to use their land and greenhouses for other purposes.
I, therefore, strive to make the Goyang Koi Farm the epicentre of Nishikigoi breeding and exporting from Korea. Yes, that is Kim Young Soo’s vision.

So I started in the year 2000 breeding Koi. I did this step by step because the ornamental carp was not known in Korea. In the Korean folk tradition, the carp is a dragon in transformation and symbolizes success, nobility and filial piety. The carps also return favours as you can read in many folk stories. 

Koi as an alternative for rice.

Good start
Give your koi love a good start.

Because cheaper rice and other agricultural products are coming from outside Korea, lot’s of agricultural land becomes idle. So why not breed carps there. Korean Koi will be a good alternative! A new income for all those farmers who are struggling to survive.
My country, Han Guk as we call it, proved that when we give our selves a task, we fulfil it. Worldwide it Is known as The miracle of the Han Gang. So I have to work hard. Not only we have to develop the domestic fancy carp market. Establish the koi hobby in Korea. We also have to find dealers abroad who are interested in our beautiful carp. I am sure we will succeed.

Raise awareness.

First handshake in Korea
Hugo J. Smal’s publication about building Baedagol theme park and Goyang Koi farm. here

To raise awareness of the fancy carp, I started with the Baedagol theme park. I created a place where people can enjoy them. Now, around 35,000 children and supervisors visit the theme park each year and get to know the fancy carp. And yes; they are very enthusiastic! The Nishikigoi are getting more popular in Korea. During all these years I have optimized my breeding and selection skills.

Nishikigoi breeding and exporting from Korea

The koi must be healthy and beautiful. To ensure healthy fish we work with the OFI rules. The carps will be tested and health certificates will be given by the Korean Government.
But we do more. We think it is also very important that the new owner has enough knowledge to keep the Koi in top condition. That is why we publish stories on our pages that will be a great help to these Koi-lovers. And about the beauty of the Koi. I do my best!

A new Koi Hub

Goyang Si is part of the Seoul Capital Area. This is one of the most dynamic places in the world. More than 13 million people are living here. More people inside Gyeonggi province than in the rest of Korea.
You can imagine that there is a lot of construction works going on. Many roads to take care of traffic jam and many apartments complexes to give the people a house. That is why I decided to build a new Koi hub near Incheon airport. Read about it on Korean Koi in the year of the Ox.

Nishikigoi breeding and exporting from Korea

Now the time has come to show the world our beautiful koi! I am sure that the Goyang koi will be admired and that many Korean farmers will join me to realize my ambition. The Goyang Koi Farm will be the epic centre of the Korean Koi. 

Kim Young Soo  Sincerely, Kim Young Soo

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