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Miroshaki scapers

Mickey Paulssen and the Master himself: Takashi Amano

In 2007 Mickey Paulssen started with her forum Miroshaki, an ode to Takashi Amano San, the founder of Japanese “aqua-scaping”. This style of aquarium furnishing is based entirely on the Zen philosophies and the inspiration that Amano gained as a nature photographer.
Amano said this about the Zen application: “This style is difficult to express in words. It is very important not to make the aquarium look like a reproduction of something. Aquascaping with its own composition impresses the viewer. It is a living work of art, and the aquarium is the canvas. ”

The Japanese aquascape is a hobby that is certainly not easy. Some experience the binding of moss, planting the plants with tweezers and the maintenance pruning as real meditation. The Miroshaki page keeps the followers up to date with aqua-scape. The question: How to build an Aquascape will find an answer here!

But there is more: is an extensive forum that enables hobbyists to set up and run quickly. This forum will slowly startup to inspire English speaking hobbyists.

Knowledge about aqua-scaping is highly appreciated! This also applies to aquaria, filters, pumps and so on. Also, all the tools to keep the scape up to date will be appreciated by our followers. And what to think about the plants and soil?

The Aquascapes from Mickey Paulssen you find this site  other art: this site

Website It will also be in English soon!