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Next, to be a traditional artist Mickey Paulssen is using zen and the lessons of Takashi Amano San to make here scapes. For her traditional art Page

She started with the design of aquariums. Someone told her that she did this in a Japanese way, and so she came on the aquascape and discovered the work of Takashi Amano. She met the nature photographer in Hannover in 2012. Earlier she had already set up the site and the Japanese had not missed it. This is certainly not because she wore a t-shirt with the slogan: “Miroshaki the Amano style forum”.


The Path:

A tale of two mountains.





Aluminium lamp:

Cognac glass


The Mantifang:


Snowy landscape:


Wabi Kusa & Kusa Mono:


More about Mickey Paulssen

Her profile: FB

Her Page: Page

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