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Sometimes Mickey Paulssen wants more than a flat surface.

Titus mixed media 13 x 18 cm
Titus mixed media 13 x 18 cm

Mickey Paulssen followed the studio nude and realism at the Academy for Visual Arts Genk. She got lessons in abstract and realism there. Of course painting, drawing and etching were the main subjects. Art history formed the foundation of all this. She trained herself in making portraits. Realism was always her starting point. In traditional art as in aquascaping well.

Realistic imagination.

She trained herself in all methods to shape on the flat surface. Paintings make them realistic and sometimes with a lot of imagination. With her drawings, she faithfully depicts the beauty of man. She does the same with Nishikigoi, the Japanese ornamental carps. She uses pastel to put her feelings on paper in an abstract way. With her etching, she makes a beautiful work of art with the power of acid and needle.

“To watch is the most important thing that I have learned”.

Life is watching Mickey Paulssen and analyzing what she sees. Where should which pencil line be? How do I best shape that shadow and what is the characteristic of that face? Everything translated to the flat surface. But that was not enough for her. The artist also needed a fourth dimension “Zen”.

She started with the design of aquariums. Someone told her that she did this in a Japanese style. So the artist came to the Japanese underwater gardens and discovered the work of Takashi Amano. She met the nature photographer in Hannover in 2012. Earlier Mickey had already set up the site and the Japanese had not missed it. This is certainly not because she wore a t-shirt with the slogan: “Miroshaki the Amano style forum”.

It is difficult to give a short definition of the “aquascape” but with “the setting up of a Japanese landscape or garden underwater” based on Zen rules, we come to an end. Mickey Paulssen made the study and successfully trained herself.

The combination of visual art on the flat surface and the furnishing of aquariums in a Japanese way makes Mickey Paulssen a unique artist. We are happy to include her in the Mantifang gallery.

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