Since 2011 Hugo J. Smal manages the Social Media Marketing-PR plan: “The Mantifang”. This plan is aimed at lovers of the culture of East Asia. His knowledge of Korean, Japanese and Chinese culture forms the basis.

The pages connected to Hugo J. Smal’s profile together with that profile have a Social Media reach of about 25,000 interested people. In collaboration with others, this number is more than doubled. All are obtained organically and are worldwide.
The content of Korea Han Ma-Eul, Japan Nippon Mura, and China Cun pays attention to local culture and events. The Mantifang talks about what the three countries have in common and binds together. This often concerns the so-called higher culture.

The more specialistic content you find on Kokedama, Beotkkot Sakura, Fancy Gold Fish Club, The Watergarden, Korean gardening, and so on.  For more information about the pages? Please use the menu.

Storytelling about your product for our target audience is our strength! The Mantifang is pro-active and engaged. Together with you, we design a strategy that works! 

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