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Korean Gardening is a page of the Mantifang.

On this page, we bring the admirers of Korean garden culture up to date. Unfortunately, there are a lot of new garden lovers to win. Little has been published about it simply because this garden art was snowed under by China and Japan. That is unfortunate! The own style of the Korean landscape architect is very worthwhile.

Hugo J. Smal writes in his story: “Korean gardening, the gods are praised.” “The Korean word for garden, Chongwon, is a combination of two Chinese characters. Chong, the first character, indicates a garden surrounded by buildings or walls.
Chong can be divided into palace garden, official garden, temple garden or regular garden according to the function of the building, where the garden belongs. Ordinary gardens are divided into front or back garden, indoor or outdoor garden, middle garden or for example gate or stair garden according to the location of the garden.
Won, the second character, means hill or wide field with forests. With this character, the garden rises above the garden surrounded by buildings or walls. The composition of the two characters thus means a small garden, but also a park complex or a naturally designed park. Korean garden architecture is a holistic architecture. “

Read the story: “Korean gardening, the gods are praised.” 

Knowledge about Korean gardening is highly appreciated! This also applies stones, pagoda’s plants and trees. Also, all the tools to keep the Korean garden up to date will be appreciated by our followers. And what to think about flowers and trees?

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