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Korea has many stories that have to be told, many films that have to be seen. Going there is the most attractive. From the palaces in Seoul to the world heritage sites in Gyeongju, they all have authority on your bucket list. We name Gyeongju but there are a number of rumours that South Korea should be on the World Heritage List. The same applies to the following: Put Korea on your bucket list! Much has not yet been uncovered and much more needs to be recorded. The Sansa mountain monasteries were added in 2018.

Sansa, Buddhist mountain monasteries in Korea
The Sansa is Buddhist mountain monasteries spread over the provinces of the Korean peninsula. The spatial arrangement of the seven temples in the 7th to 9th centuries, Korean-de-Madang (open courtyard) flanked by four buildings (Buddha-hall, pavilion, lecture hall and Dormitory). They contain a large number of separate remarkable structures, objects, documents and shrines. These mountain monasteries are sacred places, which have survived as contemporary centres of faith and ancient religious practices to the present day.

Complete list of Korean Heritage can be found here

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colorful Korea
colorful Korea

But also those who like to climb a mountain or want to enjoy breathtaking nature have to go to South Korea. Mountaineering is Korean in the blood. Many a weekend they go to the mountains together to shake off the many works or study hours. Afterwards, it is, of course, enjoying the many restaurants and nightlife that the country knows. K-pop is a worldwide concept that comes naturally to us on the Hallyu golf. We can be brief about the Korean meal! Those who have never eaten beef bulgoki do not know what is missing from life.

Travelling to North Korea is a challenge. Tourism is strictly controlled by the government which gives restrictions. You hardly get in touch with the local population and what you get is only to see what the government allows you. But who knows? There are many shifts in international relations, and perhaps it will soon cause North Korea to join the “normal” countries around the world. You will find a lot of what you need to know when you want to go to the closed country of North Korea: found info: here

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