Life in Korea Han Ma-eul 마을.

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Korea Han Ma-eul 마을 means a Korean village.

Life in KoreaThis is what this FB page is about. Life in Korea. The living community of the Dae Han Min Guk. The latter means: The Great Country of the Han people. By this, the Koreans certainly do not mean that they are descended from the Han Chinese. There is no genetic link. So this FB page informs you about Korean culture.

Han probably descends from a Tungusic family of languages ​​that originate from the Altaic plateau. It is related to the word Khan which means ruler or great. Just think of Genghis Khan.

The Koreans have a very lively and unique culture. She is very spiritual, often traditional but also often very progressive. Hallyu, the Korean wave conquers the world. This started with soap series like Autumn Fairy, followed by films and Korean products. And what to think about the Squid game. This television drama breaks all records. K-pop is now a worldwide concept. For example, Korean cuisine is very popular in Japan.

People and chances.

It might be a bit bold to describe a nation in just a few sentences. The Korean culture differs strongly from for instance the Dutch common sense and some mutual understanding is more than required. When parties comprehend there are differences, the Korean is more likely to say: Ah it is just a cultural thing.

Relationships are very important for life in Korea.

Relationships in Korea are strongly appointed by the Confucian hierarchy. The ideas of Confucius mainly revolve around ethics. Everybody does what he needs to do. The guiding principle for all this is the li, which means rituals. These rituals are not based on religion but on very elaborate rules for actions that you perform on a day to day basis: what you eat, what you wear, how deep you bow for higher ranked people, etcetera.

Confucius believed that law is never the basis of a state: someone who is punished for an offence does not necessarily know why it was wrong. But someone who fulfils his duty every day will know that his part is crucial, and therefore never offend. Xun Zi had a different opinion: people are naturally evil, and only a hard legalistic approach can guarantee the stability of the state. Which was the goal of both philosophers.

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Confucius wants his life in Korea.

Confucianism leans very heavily on its hierarchy. The correct relations between ruler and subject, parent and child, man and woman, older and younger children, between two friends are all precisely written down. Even after the death of the parents, the children must pay tribute to them by performing intricate rituals.

But the Confucian society is not static: those with talent should be able to develop it. Confucianism isn’t unjustified either: everybody is obliged to act human. A ruler who fails to be a human is not to be obeyed by his people.

The group is important.

Besides that, they are conservative, stubborn and show little flexibility. This might sound negative. But because they do this from a sense of belonging to a group, with an unquestionable loyalty and an absolute effort, they prove to be great partners. The Korean works play and generally love to be with others. Loyalty and honesty are the greatest goods for Koreans. They determine life in Korea.

These rules were strictly followed until the end of the Choson era. The Japanese occupation, the Korean War, the economic miracle and people like Hiddink made the rules less strictly followed. It is still very much something you need to keep in mind when you interact with Koreans.

Yes, the Koreans are therefore very proud of their own culture. Are you interested, the Koreans appreciate it. Getting to know this wonderful culture is an adventure that we support on this page.

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