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Korea Han Ma-eul 마을

means a Korean village. And that is what this page is about. The living community of the Dae Han Min Guk. The latter means: The Great Country of the Han people. By this, the Korean certainly does not mean that they are descended from the Han Chinese. There is no genetic link. So this FB-page informs you about Korean culture.

Han probably descends from a Tungusic family of languages ​​that originate from the Altaic plateau. It is related to the word Khan which means ruler or great. Just think of Genghis Khan.
The Koreans have a very lively and unique culture. She is very spiritual, often traditional but also often very progressive. Hallyu, the Korean wave conquers the world. This started with soap-series like Autumn Fairy, followed by films and Korean products. K-pop is now a worldwide concept. For example, Korean cuisine is very popular in Japan.

The Koreans are therefore very proud of their own culture. If you are interested, they will certainly appreciate it. Getting to know this wonderful culture is an adventure that we would like to report on this page.

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