Japan and China

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China and Japan
You find temple guards in Korea, China and Japan. The why is the same. The how is a mather of culture.

Japan and China can’t be neglected!

The Mantifang likes to be the Korean hub. The place where everything comes together. But it is impossible to neglect Japan and China. The history of Korea is bounded by that two countries. Since ancient times their cultures influence each other. That is why the Mantifang publishes stories about China and Japan. We must find and see the context.

Japanese life.

How many people visit a Japanese restaurant to enjoy Sushi with a cup of hot Sake? In many garden ponds Japanese ornamental carps, Koi, swim around. How many enthusiasts are responsible for a Bonsai? The answer is very simple: very much! We love Japanese culture but. 

Did you know that Kabushiki Gaisha Kongō Gumi was the long-standing company in the world? The five in Osaka from 57 to 2006. The management was always in the hands of one family. The Japanese prince Shotoku Taishi has contracted 57 members of the Kongō family in Paekche (Korea) for the construction of the Buddhist Shitennō Temple in Osaka and that of Nara, the later capital. Since 2006, the company is part of Takamatsu. Masaku Kongō was the fiftieth and last Kongō that this old company is running.

What do we know about China?

Yes that it is very big and that they now practice a kind of capitalist communism. But it is actually a country that raises a lot of questions. We often do not realize that it ultimately consists of many areas. Each with its own culture customs. 

Did you know, for example, that some 40 million people still live in caves in North China? On the Loess Plateau, the houses are horizontally carved out of a central “sunken” garden. The earth covering the houses creates a very pleasant temperature. It keeps the houses warm in the winter and cools in the summer.

Neibouring powers China and Japan.

These days the relation between Japan and Korea is a little bit chilly. Chinaas relation with a big part of the world is getting colder and colder. But let’s not publish about that. Let’s tell stories about what bind them together. Homepage.

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