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Home Goyang Koifarm; a good alternative!

Kim Young Soo (drawing by Mickey Paulssen)

In the year 2000, I started growing Nishikigoi. I saw the cultivation of these beautiful ornamental carps as a good alternative to the more traditional, Korean agricultural products.
The global financial crises and the opening of the Korean market for FTA agricultural products force our farmers to use their land and greenhouses for other purposes. I, therefore, strive to make the Goyang Koi Farm the epicentre of Nishikigoi breeding and exporting from Korea.

So I started in the year 2000 breeding Koi. I did this step by step because the ornamental carp was not known in Korea. In the Korean folk tradition, the carp is a dragon in transformation and symbolizes success, nobility and filial piety. The carps also return favours as you can read in many folk stories. You can read one: on the web

Raise awareness.

First handshake in Korea
Hugo J. Smal’s publication about building Baedagol theme park and Goyang Koi farm. here

To raise awareness of the queens of the pond, I started with the Baedagol theme park. I created a place where people can enjoy them. Now, around 35,000 children and supervisors visit the theme park each year and get to know the fancy carp. And yes; they are very enthusiastic! The Nishikigoi are getting more popular in Korea. During all these years I have optimized my breeding and selection skills.

Now the time has come to show the world! I am sure that the Goyang koi will be admired and that many Korean farmers will join me to realize my ambition. The Goyang Koi Farm will be the epic centre of the Korean Koi. 

Kim Young Soo  Sincerely, Kim Young Soo

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