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Koi varietiesWelcome! Goyang Koifarm: the Korean Koi Wave!

The Goyang Koi farm brings a good splash of water to the Korean wave: Hallyu. On top of K-pop, K-music we introduce K-Carp. We grow Korean Fancy carps on our farm. In Japan, these beauties are called Nishikigoi or Koi for short. We call them Ing-eo (잉어). In Korea, carp symbolizes strength and perseverance. They are dragons that stand for long life. Korean Koi, K-carp floats on Hallyu. So welcome to the Goyang Koifarm: the Korean Koi Wave!

Goyang Koifarm: the Korean Koi Wave! here you can find:

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Get to know your Koi varieties

Of course, Koi are the main topic in our world. There are lot’s of men who like to discuss filtration endlessly, they all do it for their fishes. When you talk about Koi you must know the varieties. Otherwise, the conversation will be silenced very soon. Find a quick course here Koi varieties   Talking about Fancy carps makes you eager to buy one. Maybe that is the most exciting thing to do when you are an Ing-eo enthusiast. 
Walking along all those show ponds at your Koi dealer. Looking at all that beauty and then choosing the right Nishikigoi. The best one. Your Koi Ichi Ban! Yes, you want to do that every day. You have to prepair it well. That is why the Goyang Koi farm gives you a short buying course. You can find it here.

Cover: A Koi life.

Boost your Koi dedication.

Our writer Hugo J. Smal published his book: A Koi life. It is about: the beautiful Koi, lovely Korea and his life dedicated to that. Much information about the Koi. Reading it gives your Koi dedication a boost.  You also get an introduction to Korea and the Koi they breed there: K-Koi. All this for just € 3,95.  Buy now!

A new Koi Hub

Goyang Si is part of the Seoul Capital Area. This is one of the most dynamic places in the world. More than 13 million people are living here. More people inside Gyeonggi province than in the rest of Korea.

map Goyang Si/Modo
As you can see Modo (2) is much closer to Incheon airport than Goyang Si. (1)

You can imagine that there is a lot of construction works going on. Many roads to take care of traffic jam and many apartments complexes to give the people a house. That is why I decided to build a new Koi hub near Incheon airport. Read about it on Korean Koi in the year of the Ox

Now the time has come to show the world our beautiful koi! I am sure that the Goyang koi will be admired and that many Korean farmers will join me to realize my ambition. The Goyang Koi Farm will be the epic centre of the Korean Koi. 

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