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Goyang Koi Sanke

Sanke means three colours.

It is a white koi whit black and red markings. Taisho Sanshoku, also formally named Taisho Sanke and commonly called Sanke, are Shiro (white) koi with hi (red) which is overlaid with sumi (black) patterns. Basically, a Sanke is a Kohaku with additional sumi markings. Sanke don’t have sumi markings on their head and very rarely below the lateral line. Mr Eizaburo Hoshino developed the Sanke how we like it. Black, white and red markings apart from each other! 

Goyang Koi Farm Sanke:

Doistu Sanke
Female 73 cm
KRW 3.564.619
USD 2.959,_

Breeding stock. Beautiful siblings below.

This year Goyang Koi farm Tosai.

Because the movies were made during selection you see Kohaku and Showa also. Use this to learn!

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