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We make Koi keeping easier and better!

To sell Nishikigoi means for us to help you with buying them. To give away the information needed to build a beautiful Koi collection and to keep them healthy. If these carps come from the Goyang Koifarm we would be very proud. That’s why we publish stories about the Koihobby regularly. We wish you a lifelong Koi addiction. We know we are already hooked! Happy Koi keeping!

Background Goyang Koifarm

The thoughts of Kim Young Soo:     It’s a passion

Koi from Korea:                                     Hidden dragon becomes a tiger

Goyang Koi to Baedagol and back:  read about it!

To Jangbong-do: Good on boats:    beware what happens

Korean Koi in the year of the Ox     A new Koi Hub

Breeding & selecting Koi

Breeding Season has started:            Nice to follow

Breeding 2020                                           An adventure

The first selection Doitsu Go Sanke  Kohaku is the most important

Tosai 19 September 2020                      Fish are growing great

About the Koi

Koi varieties; an introduction:         Only Go Sanke is important

Buying Koi is more than counting: Find your own taste

If your fishes are in trouble               Dr Gerald Bassleer

Maintaining good koi live

Starting to live with Koi:                    Get prepared

Become friends with Koi:                  Mutual happiness

A reliable Koi pond:                              A good start is half the work!

A sustainable Koi pond:                   Is it possible?

Water quality:                                       Keeping Koi is keeping water

Food for thought:                                What about Koi food?

Great Ponds:

A beautiful pond:                               Waddys pond

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Choose your water feature:           The Watergarden

Korean gardening:                           The gods are praised

Corona times are strange. A lot of stunning Koi are waiting in the Koi house. They like to find a new pond where they can show their beauty. We are very happy that the world is starting to vaccinate and better times are at the end of the tunnel. We surely hope to see you then in Korea. Let us know when you are interested.

When you are a Korean Koi breeder or pond equipment producer this might important for you.

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