Reading Time: 2 minutes To sell Nishikigoi means for us to help you with buying them. To give away the information needed to build a beautiful Koi collection and to keep them healthy. If these carps come from the Goyang Koifarm we would be very proud. That’s why we publish stories about the Koihobby on a regular basis. We wish you a life long Koi addiction. We know we are already hooked! Happy Koi keeping!

Background Goyang Koifarm

The thoughts of Kim Young Soo:     It’s a passion

Koi from Korea:                                     Hidden dragon becomes a tiger

Goyang Koi to Baedagol and back:  read about it!

To Jangbong-do: Good on boats:    beware what happens

Breeding & selecting Koi

Breeding Season has started:            Nice to follow

Breeding 2020                                           An adventure

First selection Doitsu Go Sanke        Kohaku is most important

Tosai 19 September 2020                      Fish are growing great

About the Koi

Koi varieties; an introduction:         Only Go Sanke is important

Buying Koi is more than counting: Find your own taste

If your fishes are in trouble               Dr Gerald Bassleer

Maintaining good koi live

Starting to live with Koi:                    Get prepared

Become friends with Koi:                  Mutual happiness

A reliable Koi pond:                              A good start is half the work!

Water quality:                                       Keeping Koi is keeping water

Food for thought:                                What about Koi food?

Great Ponds:

Introducing Peter Waddington    Waddys pond

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