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Goyang Koi Kohaku

A beautiful Kohaku is a snow-white fish with Hi (red) patterns. You find these beauties in the Goyang Koi farm Kohaku ponds.

Stunning Kohaku!

The improved Kohaku dates to 1888, when a man named Kunizo Hiroi (Ojiya-city, Japan) bred a red-headed female koi with one of his own males, whose markings resembled cherry blossoms, thus creating the now extinct Gosuke bloodline from which all of the known Kohaku bloodlines established. These days they are bred also in Korea: Goyang Koi farm Kohaku.

Five important factors to consider when looking at Kohaku:

1. Bright Hi
2. Sharp pattern edges
3. No Hi over the eyes and fins
4. No Hi markings spreading below the lateral line
5. Head Hi that not spread below the nose. Tail Hi that does not spread over the caudal fin.

(Unique and strange Koi are liked! But it is best to first look at these 5 fundamental points. That is the way to look at Kohaku! When you saw many: experiments can be great!)

Exciting News for Koi Aficionados!

Goyang Koi, renowned for its exquisite koi selection, now has a dedicated page on This is your gateway to a deeper dive into the world of koi. Discover expert insights, care tips, and the latest trends in koi keeping. Visit the Goyang Koi page on now, and enrich your koi knowledge like never before. Your journey into the captivating world of koi is just a click away! Ask Shikibu about Kohaku

See our Kohaku.

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At the moment a lot of Kohaku Tosai are swimming in the mud ponds. Due to the Covid 19 virus, it is impossible for you to visit. But we are taking good care of them during the winter. We bring them into the Koi house. There they can grow. Hopefully next spring we are able to show you around. Hope to see you!

In the meantime you can contact us: For Koreans: Kim Young Soo and English Hugo J. Smal. You find all information on Contact ore uses the contact form below.

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Some other beautiful Kohaku from the Goyang Koi Farm.


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