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A Koi Oasis

The fish house is our Nishikigoi epic centre. It contains 19 ponds. The total amount of water is about 400.000 litres. It’s every day a great pleasure to work on that water. We consider it the house of our koi and their environment must be as good as possible. Always!
But the environment is also important for our visitors. Hence we build a green fish house with many plants and even two parrots.

Some of the ponds in the Goyang Koi fish house. Enjoy our beauties!

Bukdomyeon is a place for Korean Koi.

North of Yeongjongdo, three small islands lie in a line from east to west. Sindo, Shindo and Modo. Kim Young Soo had already taken me to this wild and yet lovely area in 2004 or 2005. From Yeongjondo you can sail in 10 minutes to the port of Sindo from where you can through Yeondo bridge reaches all islands. The islands are called the three brothers (Bukdomyeon). We are building a new Koi hub there. Read all about it here

Get the feeling of the Goyang Koi fish house:


More videos on our Youtube channel: Splashing Korean Koi

Boost your Koi dedication.

Cover: A Koi life.Our writer Hugo J. Smal published his book: A Koi life. It is about: the beautiful Koi, lovely Korea and his life dedicated to that. Much information about the Koi. Reading it gives your Koi dedication a boost.  You also get an introduction to Korea and the Koi they breed there: K-Koi. All this for just € 3,95.  Buy now!

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