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Goyang Koi farm: First early Koi selection.

Last weeks some 2 million Koi eggs have hatched at the Goyang Koi farm. All the little fishes are swimming in the mud pounds. Now It’s time to make a fist, very early selection.  I am very happy to look at how Kim Young Soo is doing this. Watching and learning That’s all I can do.  But I am eager to learn from the master.

Kim Young Soo is carefully setting up his Koi selection station.

The environment is very nice at the Baedagol Theme park. Birds are singing and the sun is shining. The little Koi are glittering in the water. Two million! It will take a lot of effort to get it done.
When I have to do it will also take a lot of time. But Kim Young Soo’s quick eyes and decisions will get things done. And yes, he doesn’t have the time to explain.

Hence, I have to be a quick watcher to learn anything.

Kim Young Soo is starting the selecting of the small carps. It’s a very early selecting. These Nishikigoi are from the Doitsu breedings.

Last months the Goyang Koifarm hatched about 2 million eggs. The little ones are all in mud pounds now.

It’s difficult to get the Koi out of the mud pound. Hanging a net with big pellets Koi food makes it much easier.

Goyang Koi Farm helps!

The staff of the Goyang Koi farm will be proud when the beautiful fishes swimming in your pond are ours. But first things first. We provide basic knowledge on this site. And for the Koreans who want to start a koi pond, we will always be there to help you! Read our Koi stories

Kim Young Soo puts the small koi into a net. So he can look at them carefully and select his Tatekoi.

Kim Young Soo carefully selects his small Koi.

Kim Young Soo looks for the small Koi that are showing futures off there sort. Most off them are Kohaku.

In this selection Kohaku is the word!

These Koi are selected to go into the special Tategoi pond. They stay there for some months and then Kim Young Soo decides if they become Tateshita or stay most promising ones: Tategoi!

These Koi are still too small to be selected now. Hence the breeder of the Goyang Koi farm decides to let them in the Mudpound for some more weeks.

Although they have to travel maybe 200 metres they are put in a plastic bag with oxygen. These youngsters are very delicate. We have to take extra care of them.

These are real Tategoi. We, at the Goyang Koi farm, will take very good care of them. Maybe they will find their way to your pond in the coming years.

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