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Goyang Koifarm is a branch of the Baedagol theme park

Chief executive officer Baedagol theme park & Goyang Koifarm

Kim Young Soo
Tel: 00 82 10 5392 7339 (Korean only)

Managing director Baedagol theme park
Kim Sung Ho
Tel: 00 82 10 4027 7339


Managing director of Public relations PR and foreign affairs
Hugo J. Smal
Tel 00 82 10 3855 7339

General information

Address: Goyang Koifarm
131 Baedagol-Gil,
Gyeonggi-do (7-4, Hwajeong-dong),
South Korea

Number chamber of commerce: 128-36-59981
V.A.T. number:

The Goyang Koifarm is situated at the Baedagol theme park. In the Koihouse we sell beautiful Nishikigoi to Korean Koi hobbyist. In foreign countries, we only deal with Koi dealers. So if you find a Koi on our website please get in touch with your local dealer and let him take care of business. All the Koi prices on our website are without V.A.T.

When you are a Korean Koi breeder or pond equipment producer this might important for you.

If you want more information please use the contact form below.