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 Showa Sanshoku

Also known as Showa Sanke, or commonly Showa, are Karasu (black-bodied) koi with hi (red) and shiroji (white) markings. For long Showa displayed a lot of Karasu, but modern Showa (Kindai Showa) are bred to show more white. It is difficult to distinguish between Kindai Showa and Sanke, but Showa will always have their Karasu colouration on their heads and below the lateral line. We think the Goyang Koifarm Showa are beautiful.

The first Showa was bred by Jukishi Hoshino in 1927. He mated a Ki-Utsuri and a Kohaku. Tomi Ji Kobayashi was the first to produce real red Hi by using a Yagozaemon-Kohaku.

Showa Sanshoku has red and white markings on black skin while Taisho Sanke has black and red markings on white skin.

The following items are distinctive features. Black on Showa’s head not on the head of the Sanke. No black under the lateral line of the Sanke but on the Showa there is. The pectoral fins of the Sanke are white or have black stripes. Showa has sumi on the joints of the pectoral fins.

The last Nishigoi is not really a Showa. It is, what we think, a Doitsu Yamoto Nishiki or better Heisei Nishiki as Kodama San calls it in his book Kokugyo, because it is a Doitsu matallic Showa.

Some of the Goyang Koi farm Tosai Showa Sanshoku.

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Let’s look at some Goyang Koi Farm Showa movies:

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