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Corona months are hunger times

written by Hugo J. Smal – Chief editor

Kim Young Soo, breeder at the Goyang Koi farm sends me movies about the Tosai on a regular basis. It’s nice to see but also frustrating. I rather was at the Baedagol theme park. I am in the Netherlands and going back to Korea now is almost impossible.

Corona makes it very hard to get Visa. So I hunger for the learning experience I get watching Kim Young Soo select our Nishikigoi. I miss being with Koi, seeing them swim, eat and grow. In the Netherlands I don’t have a Koi pond so my carp Joy is starving almost to death.

Yes, Corona months are hunger times

The only thing I can do is watch the movies and longing for better days. The day COVID 19 is under control I have a ticket to Korea. Yes I want to see the fishes live!

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