Proud to present my E-book

It is about: the beautiful Koi, lovely Korea and my life dedicated to that. Much information about the Koi. Reading it gives your Koi dedication a boost.  You also get an introduction to Korea and the Koi they breed there: K-Koi. All this for just € 3,95. 

Mickey Paulssen - Hugo J. Smal - Kim Young Soo at the Goyang Koi farm.
Mickey Paulssen – Hugo J. Smal – Kim Young Soo at the Goyang Koi farm.

A writer does his trick because he thinks he has something to say. That is the case with me too. It has become a book with information about Koi, Korea and my love for both of them.

It is very important to me that I give as many people as possible the correct information about the fish I love so much. That love for me does not only consist of the beauty of and the handling of the fish. I think maybe the passion of the people who dive into the Koi world is even more important. Growers, traders and hobbyists, all share the craziness that comes with keeping Nishikigoi. In all the years that I’ve been walking around in the Koi world, I’ve come across a lot of these crazy people. Too many to mention here but all are admired by me. I must mention two. They made me a life-changing request.

Cover: A Koi life.First of all, Masao Kato San.

In 1994, I was introduced to him at his request. Through an interpreter, he actually only had one request: “Dear Hugo, please keep writing about Koi. Your life long.” What an honour. Kato San made this request to me. Of course, I said yes. He bowed and said, “Then I can die in peace.” Kato San passed away on May 27, 2014, at the age of 92. The world lost its greatest, Nishikigoi promoter.

Request two came from Kim Young Soo. He asked me to help him develop the Korean Koi industry and promote the country and its culture in Europe.

Two requests have determined my life and will certainly, do so in the future. You will find the repercussions of this in this book. Koi and Korea are my two great loves. I hope that by reading A Koi life, you will also get excited. And that for only € 3,95.

Hugo J. Smal

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