Kim Young Soo’s vision

Nishikigoi breeding and exporting from Korea In the year 2000, I started growing Nishikigoi. I saw the cultivation of these beautiful ornamental carps as a good alternative to the more traditional, Korean agricultural products. The global financial crises and the opening of the Korean market for FTA agricultural products force our farmers to use their … Continue reading Kim Young Soo’s vision

Mudang’s pantheon of gods and spirits

An inside in her beautiful mind writer: Mudang Mugungwha Bosal The Mudang Life  Gods and traditions I slowly rose from performing my bows in the temple room. Sunbeams shone through the blinds during the summer. The incense smoke gently wafted through the open window.  To the average person, the room was tranquil, quiet and peaceful. But to … Continue reading Mudang’s pantheon of gods and spirits