Dangun and The Arthdal ​​Chronicles

by: Hugo J. Smal In the first episode of the Korean television drama The Arthdal ​​Chronicles, it becomes clear that the myth of Dangun is being reinterpreted. Arthdal ​​is a corruption of Asadal, the capital of Go-Joseon. Dangun, a shaman probably from Siberia established this state in 2333 BC. According to the myth. Dangun is … Continue reading Dangun and The Arthdal ​​Chronicles

Odors give way to fragrance in 19th century

By Robert Neff previously published: The Korea Times featured picture: Mrs Emberley and her garden in Seoul, circa 1900. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the descriptions of Seoul were filled with complaints of streets packed with oxen, ponies and people all trying to avoid falling into the open sewers or stepping in … Continue reading Odors give way to fragrance in 19th century

Become Goyang Koi friend

See our swimming beauties. At the Badagol theme park, we have stunning beauties. These are jewels because they are elegant and colourful. They show strongness and loveliness at the same time. The living jewels stand for good fortune, success, prosperity, longevity, courage, ambition and maybe the most important, perseverance during exams. They are called Ing-eo … Continue reading Become Goyang Koi friend

Kim Young Soo’s vision

Nishikigoi breeding and exporting from Korea In the year 2000, I started growing Nishikigoi. I saw the cultivation of these beautiful ornamental carps as a good alternative to the more traditional, Korean agricultural products. The global financial crises and the opening of the Korean market for FTA agricultural products force our farmers to use their … Continue reading Kim Young Soo’s vision