Become friends with koi

Become friends with koi. written by Hugo J. Smal How do you become best friends with your koi? That is the ideal of every koi hobbyist: to build a close relationship with your ornamental carp, a relationship that provides mutual pleasure. Many koi keepers are happy and proud to say that their fish are 'tame'. … Continue reading Become friends with koi

South Korea’s beautiful gardens and landscape design

South Korea's beautiful gardens and landscape design For over 2000 years Koreans have been shaping the landscape around them into pleasing contours and vistas. The arrangement of rocks is a crucial element of local garden design, as is a more natural appearance than the equally venerable styles of gardens in China and Japan. — Read … Continue reading South Korea’s beautiful gardens and landscape design

제주위클리 모바일 사이트, Spirited away

[:en]On an island known for its natural beauty, Spirited Garden is a showcase of what man and nature can do together.  The Spirited Garden in Hallim is the life’s work of one man, Sung Bum Young. Bonsai trees (known as bunjae in Korea) are miniature trees that have been trained to become an ideal. Almost like a work of art they are slowly pushed and prodded over a long period of time to become miniature masterpieces. [:]

[:en]Mantifang Story Telling[:nl]Mantifang Story Telling[:]

[:en]Mantifang: social media magazine! Readers binding for Social Media In a traditional medium as a magazine, "readers binding" was the holy grail. The editorial content had to be such that the subscriber at his mailbox was waiting for the new number. The advertisers had a benefit because they belonged to the same club. Everything that … Continue reading [:en]Mantifang Story Telling[:nl]Mantifang Story Telling[:]