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Strange times to travel Korea!

We have to learn to live with covid. Putin invaded Ukraine and the world has the cold war temperature again. At the same time, Kim Jong-un starts a bromance with outgoing South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Kim’s sister threatens to nuke South Korea.
Rockets fly through the air. The North Korean are the ones to test and spread fear. Those of the Russians to kill and destroy.
Yes, our planet has become more dangerous. Do we have to shrink our world because the dictatorships lock themselves behind a wall of sanctions? Or should we go on a trip right now? That is one of the reasons I want to travel to Korea. We must exchange culture with our friends.

Will Covid stop me to travel Korea?

Travelling Korea and praying for the world.

The government does not anymore. On January 24, Omicron began its advance in Korea. Seoul was especially hard hit. That day, there were 8,566 infections nationwide. On March 18, the pandemic peaked with 381,329 positive tests. Fortunately, the numbers are also falling very quickly. On the first of May, only 20,084 tested positives.
The Netherlands had its Omicron peak on February 10: 80,610 cases. On April 29, this is only 1,675. No numbers on Sunday 30 April and the first of May.
This rapid growth and decrease in infections are occurring worldwide. Globally, group resistance is also growing considerably, which is a very pleasant side effect. Worldwide? Except I think China. Omicron has to travel around and that doesn’t happen in China. Just ask the people in Shanghai and other major cities in Lockdown.

The China situation.

“The COVID-19 wave crashing across China right now not only threatens the 1.5 billion people who live there. It also poses a serious danger to the rest of the world.” I read in the Daily Beast.
The Chinese do not build group resistance, so new, perhaps even more dangerous, variants can arise just like that. And what about North Korea? No one there is infected because the whole country is on Lockdown. This of course according to the regime. The same rulers occasionally open the border with China. So I don’t understand that at all. Of course, they have to have stuff, but China is even considering closing Beijing.

Go to Korea.

Traveling KoreaThe Koi are great at the Goyang Koi farm.

You can read on “Korea on your bucket list” why I think you should go. The culture and nature of Dae Han Minguk are fantastic, the food delicious and the people generally friendly and hospitable. Such a trip gives your life a boost. But the country has a very difficult recent past.
When you drive along the Han river from Paju to Seoul you will see sentries on the bank. There is an armed soldier in each cubicle. He is not a tourist attraction. He guards his piece of Han water. No North Koreans should not swim over the Han river causing misery.
You feel the threat. The second world war, the great Korean battle and the cold war are still evident here. South Korea is still at war with its neighbours in the North and the superpowers are playing their game. Kim Jong Un tests his missiles. His sister threatens with nuclear bombs. Will that stop me from travelling to Korea?

Cold war temperature.

traveling KoreaEnjoy a meal at Baedagol theme park.

Now that Putin has raped and is destroying Ukraine, the world has changed. Yes, the cold war temperature is blanketing our planet. And the temperature in conflict zones is getting hotter and hotter. Russia quarrels with Japan over military exercises. China makes it clear that they actually want to take over Taiwan and North Korea shoots missiles and holds military parades. So nothing new about the latter.
South Korea is in between. New president Yoon Suk Yeol takes a tougher stance on Kim Jong-un and wants to strengthen ties with Japan and the US. It seems very sensible to me because Russia and China are very close.
An armed conflict is not obvious. Russia has its hands full in Europe and is being economically destroyed by all the sanctions.
The latter will also ensure that China does not invade Taiwan. China has invested hundreds of trillions of dollars and euros in the rest of the world in recent decades. The new silk route, a port in Greece, American debt papers and so on. All this is very easy to get hold of. China really does not want to become a beggar.
A point of attention! The friendship between Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un. If they make Rocket men their chosen one and want to open a second front, the world has a very big problem.

ExpressVPN is a must!

So nothing will stop me from travelling to Korea. The war is currently raging in Ukraine. As far as Covid is concerned, Korea is not more dangerous than the Netherlands.
I will, however, take extra measures when I travel to Korea. The most important of these is VPN.
The problems with North Korea are obvious. The Northerners are very busy on the internet. They use it to spy and evade sanctions. In addition, stealing crypto coins is a business model. As a result, the South Korean government feels compelled to keep a close eye on cyberspace. Freedom on the South Korean internet is therefore under discussion. Also, many WiFi connections in South Korea are unsecured. VPN ensures security.

Yes, I can travel to Korea.

Information provision is extremely important due to the Corona crisis and the situation caused by Putin’s Russia. That is why I want to continue watching the Dutch news and talk shows in Korea. I want to be able to receive CNN, the BBC and Aljazeera. If I unexpectedly have to quarantine, Netflix is of course indispensable. Binge-watching Korean drama makes time fly. VPN, therefore, provides extra security. It gives freedom on the internet and you can watch whatever you want. I use Express VPN and I really like it. And with this, I can travel to Korea.