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Koibreeding at the Goyang Koifarm 2020

writer Hugo J. Smal

To get the whole story The breeding season has started!

Ad the Goyang Koifarm the spawning is done. Kim Young Soo did put a lot of dedication, time and energy in it. It’s not that difficult to let the Koi spawn. Simply put a woman with some men together at the right time and they will know what to do.

It’s difficult to select women and men. You must know them and have an idea about the offspring they will bring. This is the special knowledge of the Koibreeder. Kim Young Soo is very enthusiast. Yes, there are about 2 million eggs hatched and put into the mud ponds. That is a lot of eggs. Soon the most difficult part of breeding Koi must be done: the selection!

Here we give you the movies and images of the Koibreeding at the Goyang Koifarm season 2020.

This spawning Kohaku really looks impressive. We hope their offspring will do the same. Kim Young Soo, breeder at the Goyang Koi farm put a lot of trust in that.

Taisho Sanke. One of the Go Sanke. Kim Young Soo wants to breed a lot of them.

What will this bring? Sanke, Bekko and white?

The most important of all Koi. At least, that is what the hobbyists think. Kim Young Soo, feels the same. Your wish is our demand.

Doitsu is very popular these days. Not for the big prices in Japan but much Koi hobbyist want them in their pond. Kim Youg Soo, is very interested also.

This spawning is an adventure. Kohaku and Ogon. Kim Youg Soo,  tells that some beautiful Showa is the offspring.

The fish did a great job. Kim Young Soo collects them to put them back in their pond.

This is the result. Kim Young Soo shows the little ones proudly.

This one of the mud ponds of the Goyang Koifarm. In this, the fry will grow until they are 4 centimetres. Then they go for the selecting rounds.

These are Showa and Kohaku from two different spawnings. The debris on the water surfaces is a lot of mosquito larva. Thanks to them the fry will get extra to grow. Next to that, they get great Koi food.

These are somewhat older fry. Maybe two months. They have a great life at the Goyang Koi farm.

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