The Mudang Life

[:en]And where does it begin? For all mudang, it starts with suffering. ... One does not CHOOSE to become a mudang. One is chosen by the gods. You are destined or you are not. And many will take advantage of you, saying you are meant to become one, when you are not.[:nl]En waar begint het? Voor iedere Mudang begint het met lijden. …Je kiest er niet voor om een Mudang te worden. Je wordt gekozen door de goden. Je bent voorbestemd of je bent het niet. Velen zullen proberen aan je te verdienen, zeggend dat je voorbestemd bent om een Mudang te worden, terwijl je dat niet bent.[:]

제주위클리 모바일 사이트, Spirited away

[:en]On an island known for its natural beauty, Spirited Garden is a showcase of what man and nature can do together.  The Spirited Garden in Hallim is the life’s work of one man, Sung Bum Young. Bonsai trees (known as bunjae in Korea) are miniature trees that have been trained to become an ideal. Almost like a work of art they are slowly pushed and prodded over a long period of time to become miniature masterpieces. [:]