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East Asian gardening – Korea – China – Japan

The prunus only flourishes very shortly and is reason enough for a true festival in Japan and Korea. “Looking at blossoms.” There is of course both a Korean and a Japanese name, but we do not mention it for a while. Because like so much cultural heritage, there is a debate about them between the two countries. Fanciers from Korea and Japan compete for the origin of the prunus. in Korea the King cherry (wangbeojnamu) and (somei Yoshino) in Japan. They even have a scientific name Prunus Yedoensis and Prunus x Yedoensis respectively. Yes, there is only one small difference.

This name was given by the Japanese botanist Ninzo Matsumura. The Koreans do not like it and certainly know that the Prunus comes from Jeju-do. While the Japanese botanist places him in Edo (Tokyo) region Japan. It has not really been proven yet, but both species are now seen as unique: The King cherry from Jeju Island in South Korea and Yoshino cherry from Japan.

Whatever the case maybe we consider the “beotkkot-벚꽃-sakura-さくら/”  an event where the beautiful springtime is celebrated. When our followers are tired of the summer we follow the beautiful fall in East Asia.

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