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Stories about East Asia: Korea, Japan and China.

Hugo J. Smal (Drawing Mickey Paulssen)

Welcome to the Mantifang. I hope you will enjoy it a lot. The Mantifang is the cultural box that forms Korea, Japan, and China together. Daily life, the arts, and all other cultural expressions are intertwined. Yet every country has given it its own interpretation.

The Mantifang website is supported by Social Media channels that each have their own perspective. I’m not going to mention them all here. links automatically show you the way. You find the links here: Social Media

55 thousand and growing.

We are already with 55 thousand people. A worldwide group of enthusiasts! The one has Bonsai and wants to know more about it. The other Koi has in the pond and he wants to give his garden an East Asian atmosphere. Others are interested in art from Korea, Japan, and China. But we also want more information about religions, live pearls of wisdom and philosophies. There are many more examples to mention, but it is certain that 55 thousand people appreciate the information. And beware: that fanbase, the followers, is growing fast.
They all realize that the three countries are claiming a greater place on the world stage for themselves, and I think that is justified; as long as it stays nice. Therefore: Do you want to belong to the group of forty thousand and also want to stay informed? Then follow De Mantifang here or via one of our social media channels.

  Meeting the followers must be nice!

Here you can exchange ideas or just have a talk about Korea, Japan and China. Meeting followers of The Mantifang. Get tips when you travel and much more. Most importantly: have fun!FB-group

 If you have one or more interesting stories about Korea, Japan or China. Let me know. For example, I have three big passions: Korea, Koi, and writing. I made an in-depth study of Korea. Koi are already the subject of many stories that I have written about them. As far as writing is concerned, for example, I enjoy my comments on “The Story of Genji” by Murasaki Shikibu.
This requires the acquisition of knowledge about the Heian period. Fun, fun, fun and of course very interesting.

Are you inspired: let me know below via the contact form below.

I have been working on The Mantifang site for eight years now. Eight years with sharing, finding fun stories and meeting enthusiastic enthusiasts. I have been working on the website for about eight months now.
And yes you are right: many things can be better! After all, I am more of a placer than a maker. Tips and instructions are of course always welcome. If you sell Bonsai, Koi, air travel, books or other products related to East Asia, you can, of course, let that forty thousand enthusiasts know. Read more about this on Professionals. If you like what I do you can buy a coffee. Please use the donate button in the sidebar. 

So welcome to The Mantifang and join the 55 enthusiasts.

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